Umbilical Power Poles

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Product Code SW770 UMBILICAL WH
Product Code SW770 UMBILICAL BK
Product Code SW770 UMBILICAL SL
Product Code SW2.1UMBKIT WH
Product Code SW2.1UMBKIT BK
Product Code SW2.1UMBKIT SL
Product Code SW2.8UMBKIT WH
Product Code SW2.8UMBKIT BK
Product Code SW2.8UMBKIT SL

The umbilical power pole is a flexible and attractive way of carrying wires from the ceiling to a cable basket or above desk power.

Use in conjunction with ceiling starter and interconnecting leads.

Backed by a 2 year warranty.

  • Flexible and Attractive Method of Carrying Wires from Ceiling to Cable Basket or Above Desk Power
  • Requires Ceiling Starter and Interconnecting Lead
  • SW770 Umbilical Includes Axess 770mm Long Umbilical, Anchor for Desk Mounting (AXD) and Round Floor Base (AXG)
  • SW2.1 Umbilical Includes Axess 2100mm Long Umbilical, Ceiling Flange and Hanging Wire (AXC), Top Hook (AXH), Desk Grommet (AXCD) and Centre Poles (AXR)
  • SW2.8 Umbilical Includes Axess 2800mm Long Umbilical, Ceiling Flange and Hanging wire (AXC), Top Hook (AXH), Round Disk Base (AXG) and Centre Poles (AXR)


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