SHUSH30+ Screens

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Product Code SHS712 BL/WS
Product Code SHS712 GR/BK
Product Code SHS715 BL/WS
Product Code SHS715 GR/BK
Product Code SHS1212 BL/WS
Product Code SHS1212 GR/BK
Product Code SHS1215 BL/WS
Product Code SHS1215 GR/BK
Product Code SHS1512 BL/WS
Product Code SHS1512 GR/BK
Product Code SHS1515 BL/WS
Product Code SHS1515 GR/BK
Product Code SHS1812 BL/WS
Product Code SHS1812 GR/BK
Product Code SHS1815 BL/WS
Product Code SHS1815 GR/BK
Product Code SHSJP1200 BK
Product Code SHSJP1200 WS
Product Code SHSJP1500 BK
Product Code SHSJP1500 WS
Product Code SHSFOOT BL
Product Code SHSFOOT WS

The SHUSH30+ screen range features a 30mm slimline screen with a square profile, powder coat frame and a full fabric pinnable surface with adjustable levelling feet.

The two heights allow for either full communication or some privacy between users.

Comes in 2 standard colour options or can be upholstered in our House Fabrics range. *Lead times and additional charges apply

See Similar or Matching products for possible configurations.

  • Slimline 30mm screen
  • Pinnable full fabric surface
  • Adjustable levelling feet
  • Powdercoated frame
  • The SHUSH30 is a screen system that can create endless configurations
  • Create runs of any length
  • Use the 2 different screen heights to create privacy or encourage teamwork
  • Use completely screen hung tops with no legs or use with Profile, Loop, Eternity, Span or DC-60 legs
  • **LRB18 WS or LRB18 BL required when using with Profile, Loop or Eternity legs
  • Create freestanding cubicles without constructing permanent walls
  • Use taller screens to create private personal pods without the construction of walls
  • Join pods to create cubicles as you require for your office set up
  • Create a free standing self contained temporary cubicle that can be deconstructed and moved
  • Use joining poles to join screens and create your own configurations
  • Use with ISFOOT to create a free standing screen


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