Deluxe Profile Leg Corner Workstation

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Product Code D-IPLCWS1P1818 NO/BL
Product Code D-IPLCWS1P1818 NO/WS
Product Code D-IPLCWS1P1818 NW/BL
Product Code D-IPLCWS1P1818 NW/WS
Product Code D-IPLCWS1P1815 NO/BL
Product Code D-IPLCWS1P1815 NO/WS
Product Code D-IPLCWS1P1815 NW/BL
Product Code D-IPLCWS1P1815 NW/WS
Product Code D-IPLCWS1P1515 NO/BL
Product Code D-IPLCWS1P1515 NO/WS
Product Code D-IPLCWS1P1515 NW/BL
Product Code D-IPLCWS1P1515 NW/WS
Product Code D-IPLCWS4P1818 NO/BL
Product Code D-IPLCWS4P1818 NO/WS
Product Code D-IPLCWS4P1818 NW/BL
Product Code D-IPLCWS4P1818 NW/WS
Product Code D-IPLCWS4P1815 NO/BL
Product Code D-IPLCWS4P1815 NO/WS
Product Code D-IPLCWS4P1815 NW/BL
Product Code D-IPLCWS4P1815 NW/WS
Product Code D-IPLCWS4P1515 NO/BL
Product Code D-IPLCWS4P1515 NO/WS
Product Code D-IPLCWS4P1515 NW/BL
Product Code D-IPLCWS4P1515 NW/WS

Maximise space and create an efficient working environment with Deluxe Infinity. 750mm deep Enviroboard tops, with cable access hole.

White or oak tops, and black or white frames create a modern, clean look to your fit out. Configure multiple corner workstations together to create pods with or without screens for large workspaces.

The 60 x 30 profile leg adds a minimalist look to each workstation.

  • Deluxe Infinity with New Deeper 750mm Top
  • 60mm x 30mm Profile Leg
  • All Tops Come With 1 x 80mm Diameter Cable Entry Hole
  • Configure Multiple Corner Workstations Together to Create Pods of Desks With or Without Screens
  • Double support rail for extra strength


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